Mr. Moreno helped me get my life back. After interviewing several Bankruptcy Lawyers, I chose Mr. Moreno for my lawyer. He was recommended to me from a friend and I will recommend him also. He is a very dedicated and detail orientated person. He was also the most reasonably priced. Thank you for your assistance.

Mr. Moreno did an awesome job with guiding us through our bankruptcy process. His service and advisement will prove to be invaluable as we continue to work towards becoming fiscally responsible citizens. We were definitely in good hands!

Mr. Moreno has been very helpful to work with. This has been a difficult time for me, filing bankruptcy is for anyone. He was very patient and very educational in the filing process. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant and understanding person to help me through this.

He was great lawyer and he represented me with the utmost professional treatment. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for any legal advice. He was very well-mannered and he handled everything within his office.

After contemplating bankruptcy for a very long time and after visiting several other attorneys, Mr. Moreno was recommended by a friend who was going through the same economy as we were. Prior to Mr. Moreno, each time I visited an attorney, it was only because bankruptcy was our last and only option. Each time I would leave the consultation feeling like I was the worst most stupid person on earth. I could only have felt worse if I had gotten a health scare. Visiting Mr. Moreno, I expected the exact same scenario but encountered quite the opposite. He is a completely professional and caring person. My first visit took me right out of the contemplating stage right into a knowledgeable, enlightened, positive, sign on the dotted line decision stage. I left with a booklet that we have referred to many times for answers to all those questions that pop up. Mr. Moreno NEVER neglected to keep us informed. We recommend Kenneth Moreno 110%.

Mr. Moreno guided me with ease through my bankruptcy. Initially, I was very nervous about the decision of filing, however, he was very professional and made me feel comfortable. After my court hearing, I knew I had the best lawyer in town because he was the ONLY lawyer that had all his client’s documents in order. I would definitely recommend Mr. Moreno to my friends!

Kenneth Moreno helped in a legal issue and did an amazing job. When I was in the courtroom there were people that went before me and had a lot of issues that still had to be resolved. However, my situation was completely different, when it was my turn everything was perfect. Ken is a very detailed, honest, hardworking attorney. If you are looking for an attorney that really cares and that you can trust call Kenneth Moreno.

Mr. Moreno was an awesome attorney for my bankruptcy case. He made me feel comfortable and walked me through all of the steps. This experience was painless and so easy with him. I had seen other attorneys for consultations prior to finding him through a referral and they definitely did not send me home with the “good and confident” feeling. Mr. Moreno even created a booklet ahead of time that answered all of the questions I came up with along the way (no need for costly emails or phone calls about that little thing you forgot to ask) I never lost sleep over my bankruptcy and it was over simple and fast! I absolutely recommend him! Thank you Kenneth!

Recently I fell victim to the economy and had to look into the dreaded bankruptcy. I called around and most of the attorneys I spoke with made me feel like a piece of garbage, like some how it was all my fault. Finally through a referral I was given the name of Kenneth Moreno and wow, what a surprise. One word describes him best- AMAZING! From start to finish he guided me through every step. He is upstanding, very caring and never once talked down to me in my time of need. I would highly recommend him to anyone I speak to about my experience! Thanks a million Mr. Moreno for all of your help in guiding me through this as I see it now as a MINOR bump in my life!

Mr. Moreno was absolutely terrific in every aspect. I filed for bankruptcy in mid 2009 and Mr. Moreno helped me through every aspect of my case and made me feel comfortable through a very difficult time. Thank you so much for all your help Ken!

Mr. Moreno helped me with my bankruptcy case. He took his time with me and explained the entire process. He also gave me a booklet that explained everything I need to know in filing bankruptcy. I highly recommend Mr. Moreno for your bankruptcy case. He will put you at ease. Thank you Mr. Moreno.

I am a small-time freelance designer who had a problem where a client was taking advantage of me, and refusing to pay for a lot of work I had already done. The amount the client owed was too high for small claims court but I had no money to pay for a lawyer and legal fees. Kenneth Moreno did his best to council me so that I was able to take the case as far as I could with my limited budget. He’s truly an honest and helpful person, easy to work with, and eager to help out the good guys.

My husband and I recently realized that the only way to move forward in this economically trying time was to file bankruptcy. We searched and searched for an attorney to help us file but there were not many who will file a bankruptcy for you! We were really lucky to find Ken Moreno. Our initial consultation with him was very thorough and honest. He took as much time as we needed to make sure we had everything we needed to file. He even provided us with a book he made that answered any question we may have regarding our bankruptcy experience. Then once we met for the 2nd visit, he took us step by step through each creditor and all three credit agencies. Most everything was done online in his office while we fully participated. Mr. Moreno even filed our case online as we watched! We were really dreading having to file bankruptcy but Mr. Moreno put us at ease with the legal aspect of filing. We thank you, Mr. Moreno, for all you have done to help us get back up on our feet! I will highly recommend you to friends and family if they ever have a need for a personal-style attorney!

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