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My name is Kenneth A. Moreno. The law is about personal issues, and I believe you have the right to personal service. When you come to my office with a legal problem, it becomes my problem. I will deal with your legal issues so you can move on with your life free of stress and worry.

Some law firms operate like assembly lines. The more experienced lawyers hand off work to less-experienced lawyers, and they hand off work to paralegals and clerical staff. Sometimes they have clients fill out their own legal forms. That’s not how I work.

I won’t pass off your important legal case to a subordinate. I am a sole-attorney law practice, which means I will handle your case personally from beginning to end. I don’t have junior attorneys, paralegals or clerical staff. Since I don’t have a staff whose work I have to oversee, my fees are more competitive. For more information, please review testimonials from my past clients.

If we need to fill out paperwork for your case, I will do it with you while you are in my office. This saves you time and makes sure your paperwork is done correctly.

When you call my law office with a question, I am the person who will speak to you. If I’m in court and can’t respond right away, I will call you back before I go home at night.

My hands-on approach means I can’t take as many cases as a high-volume, assembly-line law practice. It also means the clients I represent receive better service. From my law office in Chesapeake, I serve individuals and small business owners throughout the greater Hampton Roads area in Virginia.

I have practiced law in Virginia since 1994. For more information about my background and credentials, please click on the following link:

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For more information or to schedule a consultation, call me at 757-828-4890 or complete my simple contact form. Together, we’ll put your life back on track.

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Attorney Kenneth A. Moreno serves clients in the greater Hampton Roads area in Virginia, including Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.